Growth and Member Engagement

Growth and Member Engagement Roles

At HESTA, we promise to be the gutsy advocate driving meaningful change for generations to come.

At HESTA, we're all about health and community services. Understanding and supporting our sector, our partners, employers, and members is what makes us, us.

We come to work each day to make a difference and we love what we do. We believe action speaks louder than words—it’s why we’re committed to junking the jargon and giving our members practical advice, information, and support.

HESTA’s dedicated to making sure all our members can tell happier, more fulfilling stories. And we’re so proud of the work we do for people in the health and community services industry.

We tune into our members’ retirement stories to find the best way we can help them now, and in the future. Sometimes, a story can end in a shortfall. It can be a tale full of fear, confusion, complexity, and inertia. Health and community services support, empower, and serve others, but it’s vastly undervalued. We want to change that.

We hold the space for our members and partners—and to do that we really need to hear them, understand their needs, and take the right action for them. Because, like any great storyteller, we don’t just look at the way things are, we imagine how they could be.

So, we’re going to listen, understand, and act until each of life’s milestones become chapters, we can all look forward to.

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